Senator Perry’s Acts That Show Consciousness of Guilt Against His Stalking Victim


During the months of October, 2015 through January, 2016, after Dave Roberson came into Ms Ortiz’s work place, told her to recant or he would “put her in the lake”, Ms Ortiz began getting ill after ingesting drinks at work. The symptoms were not indicative of a disease in that the onset of symptoms began immediately after taking a sip of a tainted drink after she’d leave her drink periodically to perform workplace duties and as such, she discarded the drink and symptoms subsided within an hour. On a few instances, a customer would tell her, “You don’t have to sit here with me. Hurry up and drink your drink and go make money.” Which appears to be nice in that the customer purchased a drink for which Ms Ortiz was paid, she never ordered alcoholic beverages but rather a diet soda, and after being intentionally deceived into drinking the entire drink quickly would then vomit. Again the symptoms subsided within several hours when this occurred. This began happening so frequently that Ms Ortiz purchased Charcoal supplements to absorb poison or drugs placed in her drinks as a precaution every night before going to work and took them to work with her to assist in absorbing these poisons/toxins. When she googled symptoms, arsenic came up and symptoms appeared to be consistent with what she read. At one point the symptoms deviated and when she googled the deviated symptoms, Phenol Barbital came up and symptoms were consistent with what was described for that drug. She then texted Dave Roberson to ask him. He responds, “yes”. Ms Ortiz, keep in mind, comes from four generations of law enforcement.
Receipt on 12/27/2015 for Charcoal Ms Ortiz took to absorb the seemingly consistent poisoning Senator Perry was having dosed out to her at work. Dave admitted on 12/17/2015 to having arsenic put in her drinks. After that she never again spoke to Dave Roberson face to face. She avoided him when he came into her work. She began taking charcoal every night before work and would take some with her to use when experiencing immediate onset of symptoms.  Probably saved her life.
Ms Ortiz’s statements on this matter are: “Parents teach their children to think like they think, so I was raised by four generations of law enforcement and taught to think like they think. I have no idea even how to think any other way. When Senator Perry sends some guy to threaten me for him or ask stalker questions, I’m typically able to get much more out of them than they ever get out of me and establish the fact that I’m dealing with a proxy stalker of Senator Perry probably on his payroll. I cannot imagine any of these people doing this for free. It is my belief that Senator Perry has stalked women for decades. If you consider the egregious act Perry took to silence me, and intimidate me into not exposing his stalking problem, imagine what lengths he would go to keep this problem a secret. He took these actions AFTER I went public which is bold to say the least and tells me, in using Cop 101 thinking, he’s done this before and gotten away with it, more than once. He was emboldened each time. His mistake this time, is he messed with a cop’s daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, and great great granddaughter. My family in law enforcement were not just regular cops, they were in the top 1% featured in True Detective type publications popular in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s before Cable TV made crime solving shows popular. They were featured for solving a homicide and the police station where my granddad was Chief is now named in his honor. I wanted a traceable hard confession from the man trying to kill or assault me on his own or for Senator Perry. I got it. I absolutely put all the knowledge I was taught all my life to work and get exactly what I wanted to get. These men are dangerous. They were trying to kill me. I was going to catch them. I was raised by cops to think like they think. I don’t even know how to think any other way. They are bad guys and I was going to catch them and that is exactly what I did. I got a texted confession from this Dave Roberson person. I don’t know how many women Senator Perry has done this to, but what I do know is this time hes’ not going to get away with it and this pattern of abuse and violence stops with me. It stops right here. There will be no more women shedding buckets of tears over loss caused by Charles Perry if I have anything to say about it at all. This abuse ends with me. That is how this is going to be. Stalking is about power and control over a victim. In my opinion any person who has not the power or control to let go of an ended relationship and move on and be faithful and kind to his wife, is nothing more than a weak, insecure pathetic predator. If my granddad were still alive, he would have put a stop to this long ago. This ends here with me. Any person who preys on women who want nothing to do with him, has no power or control at all. No more tears will be shed by women he forces himself on if I have any say in this at all and in making this issue public so that his inappropriate actions are now handled properly as much as is in my power and ability to address. The loss he causes is severe and gut wrenching and its enough. Enough suffering has happened because Senator Perry has not the control or power to get a grasp on reality and let go of a relationship that ended long ago, and move on to more productive positive behavior patterns and be good to his wife and family and honor her with his actions.” If he is unable to do that, what power and control does he really have? I just don’t see that he has any at all.”
The same threats texted, in that Dave Roberson makes admissions of guilt, continues to threaten Ms Ortiz and attempts to lure her out in these texts, were being made verbally. He comments about laughing were simply what she said to persuade Dave Roberson to make such admissions in writing that he was making verbally, in order to prove her claims. Her intent was only to tell Dave Roberson what he wanted to hear so that she could get his admissions of guilt on paper which he did. This is something she was taught her entire life to do. She was not laughing. She was attempting to get a confession and she did in fact get just that on both the poisoning, the death threats and the sexual assault. Ms Ortiz stated in her experience 98% of customers that come into a Gentlemen’s Club do not commit acts of sexual assault. The 2% of men that do typically stop once asked and move on to an entertainer that allows these acts as its human nature to follow the path of least resistance. Paying customers do not want to waste time and money on entertainers that do now allow them to assault them. They’ll find a girl who doesn’t care. As you can see, Dave Roberson states he will not stop. He will continue to assault Ms Ortiz despite her repeated requests that he stop. The word “polycarbonate” was not typed by Ms Ortiz. She has long stated Senator Perry hacked her phone and would delete or insert words into her emails and even sent emails and texts from her phone and email accounts. She has found and posted publicly, emails about to be sent to people she’s never even heard of and some she still has no idea who the email accounts even belong to. Ms Ortiz was attempting to reason with Dave Roberson in asking why the stalking was continuing as the desired outcome seemed to be to extort or force a romance with Senator Perry and Ms Ortiz that Ms Ortiz never wants to be in and/or coerce a lie. Ms Ortiz was stating “what is the reason you all are harassing me, if the Senator is so wildly popular it does not appear my attempt at a Protective Order harmed his campaign so why are you continuing to hurt me? What is the point of your bullying?” Senator Perry replaced the word “popular” with “polycarbonate”. Ms Ortiz has no idea what that even is. Cyberstalking/hacking has become more common than not for stalkers to use to stalk their victims with today’s current technology, according to National Stalking Resource Center.
Dave may have just been a weirdo in a bar who saw Ms Ortiz’s story on the news and was trying to use that to get a date, however, the actions of Senator Perry subsequently say other wise. Senator Perry’s actions were then to arrange for the false arrest of Ms Ortiz immediately after she went to Tulsa PD. The crime occurred in Tulsa. Tulsa PD had jurisdiction over the investigation, not Lubbock, TX authorities. Ms Ortiz filed the complaint on 1/12/2016 with a desk clerk. The desk clerk advised her that a detective would be assigned and would then call her back for an interview and for the proper collection of evidence needed to investigate and prosecute the offenders. The evidence Tulsa PD would then need to collect would be two things: 1) A blood and hair sample to be inspected by a forensic pathologist to determine whether or not she was in fact poisoned, 2) video surveillance from her work showing the individual (s) who may have spiked her drinks. Information would then be needed to determine the motive for people Ms Ortiz had just met, had zero prior knowledge of or history that would cause motive to harm, including Dave Roberson, to want to harm Ms Ortiz. While Ms Ortiz was awaiting that call back, she was arrested at her home in Oklahoma, on January, 29, 2016, not on charges in Oklahoma where she lived and where the crime occurred but on charges out of Lubbock, TX where Senator Perry lives. The charges, “Filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job”, have since been dismissed, however, because the Senator committed an act that showed “consciousness of guilt” in that he appears to have known Ms Ortiz was in fact poisoned and his act interfered and impeded a police investigation where the crime occurred, forensic evidence and video evidence was timed out and forever destroyed. Ms Ortiz did not receive a call back from Tulsa Detectives until she was already in jail in Lubbock, which came on 2/15/16. How can there be a guilty verdict on filing a false police report if there is no investigation. In addition, police reports by law are required to be private and confidential until there are court proceedings so how did Senator Perry even know there was a police report. Ms Ortiz did not tell anyone she filed that report. There was no media blitz. There was no intent to harm Senator Perry’s job and her complaint had nothing at all to do with his legislative duties. There is never any mention at all in her correspondence from 2011 to the present including in all the texts between Defendant, Dave Roberson of any frustration with Senator Perry’s legislative duties. All frustration expressed by Ms Ortiz are about his stalking, interference in her life, his harassment and threats. No mention at all is ever mentioned about his job.
Tulsa PD Detectives had made no contact with Ms Ortiz, had not gained access to any evidence at all, and no investigation had even commenced prior to Ms Ortiz’s false arrest for “filing a false police report”, in fact it appears Senator Perry intentionally impeded their investigation by arranging Ms Ortiz’s false arrest causing the destruction of crucial evidence by timing out the access to that evidence.
Senator Perry did state in the indictment used to get an arrest warrant against Ms Ortiz that she’d made false claims one being the claim of being poisoned and again, a seasoned investigator and district attorney, such as those involved in obtaining and executing an arrest warrant know its impossible to get a guilty verdict on a charge of “false police report” when there is no investigation. As such, there was at no time, a search warrant sought or executed to obtain forensic blood and hair samples from Ms Ortiz to get an inspection to determine whether or not her claims were false or true. There is no effort made at all whatsoever to determine or prove that she was not poisoned in fact the act of Senator Perry was to time out the evidence so that it would be destroyed not collected properly and and inspected by authorities either in Tulsa or Texas. These acts show consciousness of guilt on the part of the Senator. If he had not known Dave Roberson, hired him to act as a proxy to harm or coerce Ms Ortiz into a recant of her claims that Senator Perry is stalking her, or lie, would the Senator not want to prove that whatever harm was inflicted on Ms Ortiz was not initiated with him? Even OJ Simpson set up a 1-800 number to try to at least appear that he wanted facts that might exonerate him. And yet Perry did nothing of the sort. He instead implicates himself in his actions. The DA and Texas Ranger acted in bad faith in their failure to due dilligence and in their actions to obtain and execute an arrest warrant against Ms Ortiz, when they are seasoned enough to know there is no possibility of a guilty verdict particularly when there is not only a failure to gain access to and inspect crucial evidence to prove the complaint was in fact false, therefore it appears the arrest was made with intent to coerce and intimidate Ms Ortiz’s previous statements regarding the Senator’s stalking problem in violation of USC Title 18 Sections 1512 and 1513. Also, Ms Ortiz has the 14th Amendment right to Equal Protection so why did the Senator intentionally impeded a police investigation in another state if not due to “consciousness of guilt”? If he had nothing at all to do with the harm executed against Ms Ortiz, why not demand the evidence needed to prove that? Why take an action that implicates him as he appears to have done?
Subsequently, Ms Ortiz, while in Lubbock jail, told her attorney when asked if she’d be willing to allow Senator Perry and the Lubbock DA to “save face”, which was outrageous when you consider the egregious acts against her that cause the loss of her home, time with her son during a crucial time at his school, and the slander and defamation to her reputation, she did agree to allow for that on one condition: “Senator Perry may never ever contact me again and the stalking and harassment stops and stops now. I never want to even hear his name again ever.” Ms Ortiz never owed these gentlemen anything particularly a lie. She was by far the injured party, not them. However that speaks to her deep desire to be free of Senator Perry’s intrusion in her life and his continued unwanted contact with her. Her attorney assured her that Senator Perry would never contact her again and stated, “See its right here in your bond conditions. He will never bother you again. They agree to dismiss charges in a few months if you will allow them to save face and not talk about this and Senator Perry agrees to stop contacting you in any way shape or form.” The Senator, however, contacted Ms Ortiz within a few hours after her arrival home, the stalking and harassment and constant threats continued. He failed to live up to his agreement and has continued to engage in unwanted contact, stalking, harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
The charges against Ms Ortiz were in fact dismissed but not until a year and a half after the fact. Ms Ortiz’s psychologist, Dr Russell, who has doctorate in Psychology, states Ms Ortiz shows no intent to harm the Senator at all and has simply made every effort to get away from him and is fearful for her safety and well being and those in her life. She further states her belief that the Senator’s arrangement of her false arrest was intended to harm her to get her attention and a “stalking escalation”.
Senator Perry represents himself to be a happily married family man, a church deacon, a “godly man of integrity” and yet it appears the actions he took instead are that of a Mafia Don. Ms Ortiz has had about enough of his intrusion, interference, and unwanted attention in her life. We intend to show this in Federal Court to obtain an Injunction and a Restraining Order so that Ms Ortiz can live a happy peaceful safe, productive, successful life once again as she did prior to meeting Senator Perry.
Ms Ortiz has now filed a Suit in Federal Court against Senator Charles Perry and others associated in with her false arrest and she is making her now FOURTH attempt to get a court to give her an order of protection against Senator Perry.

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