Senator Perry’s Actions Bring Suspicion Into Claims He Is Stalking

There is a case filed and ongoing in Federal Court. Maybe its just me, but doing this again, to interfere or stop with a Federal court proceeding to harass or intimidate any witness or victim or plaintiff in a Federal Court Proceeding filed to remedy a previous wrong for the same reasons, may not be the best idea, but that’s just me. Senator Perry has threatened Ms Ortiz since the day she returned home with all kinds of things in effort to attempt to coerce and intimidate her into lying to cover for his stalking problem and illegal arrest. He has not stopped despite the agreement made by all parties before she left that he would never contact her again and that all parties would put the matter in the past and move on with their lives. That was the plan and it was agreed upon by all parties as evidenced in her bond conditions. Since the day she returned home, however, he immediately continued with his stalking, harassment, threats, intimidation and victim/witness harassment/tampering. He has not stopped. She emailed friends and family of his threats to kill her or arrange a false arrest long before those threats were carried out and since the day she returned home she’s provided evidence to her attorney’s showing this behavior and tactic has never stopped. Stacks and stacks and stacks of emails, texts, and evidence showing he never stopped unwanted contact or his threats and witness tampering and divulged things about her case, that she has no possible way of knowing anything about but that he had the information and used it to threaten her. More than once, Senator Perry would divulge details of her case in Lubbock, to which she would pass on in inquiry to her attorneys would then confirm the information was in fact correct. This has been an ongoing issue for many years. The bond conditions stating Perry may not contact Ms Ortiz serve as evidence all parties admit Perry has been engaging in unwanted contact with Ms Ortiz and that he agreed to cut it out. He has not. He continues daily to taunt her, harass her, threaten her, intimidate her, offer her bribes “prison or paris” if she will agree to have an affair with him and lie for him. In all these years, she has refused and he’s made her life a living hell. I think in her view even Paris with Senator Perry would be prison for her and she’s made it extremely clear she never wants to have any kind of relationship with him, she hates his constant unwanted contact and wants him to cease and desist as per his agreement to before she left Lubbock as was evidenced in her bond conditions and signed off on by Judge Darnell. He needs to cut it out and be good to his lovely wife and cease and desist attempting to harass and intimidate Ms Ortiz into a relationship with him she never wants to be in. She is not interested in the least and never will be. He’s made her life a living hell in an apparent attempt to bully her into it and she’s has refused and refused and that will never change. Violation Title 18 USC, Sections 1512 and 1513 now is just more of the same that she’s been subjected for many years.


There has not been much of an effort to investigate Ms Ortiz’s complaints that Senator Perry is stalking, harassing, intimidating, tampering with victims/ witnesses, arranging a false arrest, what appears to be an attempt to kill her or at the very least engage in assault and battery. All that has continued is Perry’s effort to besmirch her, smear her, intimidate her, bully her, cover up, avoid, impede, duck, dodge, arrange a second false arrest, kidnap or kill her and continue to endanger her safety and well being and again there is that pesky US Constitutional Right to Equal Protection she still has not enjoyed to any extent. Interfering or impeding a Federal Court proceeding to avoid the facts coming out is no different than what Perry has done all along. Perry and friends continue to treat Ms Ortiz like she’s just not a citizen of the United States and violate her Civil Rights all over the place. Again, this is not the actions or behavior of an innocent man. There is no transparency. There is just impeding and obstructing the facts from coming out and adjudication of this stalking matter. This has gone on since 2015. Not once in all that time has Perry even once said, “I”m not stalking her but someone clearly is. She was a friend and colleague and as such, and because I’m tired of being accused of stalking, I want this matter investigated fully, completely and thoroughly to find out who it is doing this to put a stop to it and to exonerate me. Instead, he filed a Motion to Dismiss based on jurisdiction on the Protective Order hearing which was granted so there was no hearing. He didn’t show up for court and over come her evidence. Instead, he has her arrested before she ever talked to police on what appears to be an attempt on her life causing the permanent loss of crucial evidence. He includes her claims of poisoning in her indictment, but makes no effort at all to get the evidence needed to prove or disprove her claims and in fact had her quickly whisked away to Lubbock so her efforts to get the evidence were impeded. He alleges political vendetta when there is no evidence at all whatsoever to support his claim. There was no political vendetta, he mentions nothing about it in his indictment, nor is there any evidence of that in any of her correspondence from 2011 to 2016 or even now. Even OJ Simpson set up a 1-800 number in an attempt to lead the public to believe he did not kill his wife and wanted to find the real killer and yet you see Perry doing not even that. You’d think he’d say, “I want the truth. I want to know if she was poisoned and if so, who did that to her, and how did they do that to her because she thinks its me but its not, so lets find out who it is so these accusations against me are answered once and for all.” He not once lifts a finger to do that even for himself. He shuts her down every time she tries to remedy the matter in court. Why? Why would he do that if he is not stalking her as she claims? Fishy.


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