Senator Perry Ducks, Dodges, and Impedes Each Time He Could Instead Prove He Isn’t A Stalker

In the words of Ms Ortiz, she sums it up very well:
“It does does nothing at all whatsoever to replace an apple with another apple and low hanging fruit at that. In Senator Perry’s district, the constituency is very very small and 75% far right wing Republican. His demographics will not elect anyone who is not exactly like him on the issues. His replacement would have to be exactly the same as he is minus the stalking, thus, politically, as it relates to his legislative duties, Senator Perry, the apple, would only be replaced by another apple. His constituency is so small he is low hanging fruit as it pertains to his voice and his power politically, therefore there is no reason to target him and nobody is after his job. I told nobody I filed that police report therefore intended no harm to his job. He wasn’t even supposed to know there was a police report. There was no media blitz telling people I’d filed the complaint with Tulsa PD. The intent was to protect my life, my safety and my well being and I did what any prudent individual would do in my situation and had Senator Perry been innocent, he would never have taken the action he took, and interfered and impeded with a police investigation in another state appearing to violate Title 18 of the USC sections 1512 and 1513. Senator Perry has had four chances and now the Federal law suit is his fifth chance to prove he isn’t the weird stalker I say he is and each time, he’s ducked, dodged and impeded. These are not the actions of an innocent man. There is no discussions in any of my correspondence from 2011 until now of any frustrations with him politically or of his legislative duties. It was all of my frustration with his stalking and harassment, intrusion and interference in my privacy and my life. I don’t live in his district so to me, he is as irrelevant to my life as some state Senator in Alaska is to the people of Lubbock, in fact, I would venture to guess the people of Lubbock have no idea who the Senators in Alaska even are because they are not relevant to their lives anymore than Senator Perry is to mine. I don’t live even in Texas and Oklahoma is very conservative as well. If I didn’t like that, I’d move.
I’ve been attacked by media as a campaign manager. I wasn’t even running for office and yet twice I was attacked. The media loves a scandal and you’d think at the very least there would be coverage of Senator Perry’s stalking problem by the liberal media and yet you’ve heard nothing. That is because that is how very irrelevant Senator Perry is. He simply is completely inconsequential to the legislative process and doesn’t matter even enough to receive media scrutiny for his stalking problem and for arranging my false arrest and now the Federal law suit for False Imprisonment. Being that he is that irrelevant and matters that little, why target him for anything? What would be the point? So, if its not possible for him to be a target politically, then it appears he intentionally misled law enforcement. If he did that, that would appear to seriously bring into question his credibility. If it were me, and someone accused me of stalking, and I had the resources Senator Perry has, I’d be on that demanding a complete and thorough investigation and in court and utilizing every chance I could get trying to prove it was not me and find who it is doing the stalking is doing the stalking, certainly not ducking, dodging and impeding police investigations in other states where the incidents occurred. I want to know the who, what, why, when and how to clear my name and yet we don’t see Senator Perry doing any such thing. We saw him take action to delay and prevent my conversations with local law enforcement regarding a crime and cause the loss and destruction of crucial evidence. So, it seems to me that these facts, speak for themselves. Can you actually believe a word the guy says when you consider these facts?” — Cynthia Ortiz

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