The Psychologist Says

Ms Ortiz’s Psychologist, (Doctorate In Psychology) states in a letter to Ms Ortiz’s attorney she has been seeing Ms Ortiz regularly since April, 2015, finds her honest, articulate and intelligent. She states Ms Ortiz has displayed ZERO intent to harm Senator Perry and has made every effort to get away from him. She also states Ms Ortiz lives in fear of what Senator Perry will do to harm her next as he has over the past seven years, cause a great deal of loss for Ms Ortiz and her family. The psychologist states that Senator Perry’s actions which constitute the legal definition of stalking and harassment are malicious and intended to cause her harm to get her attention. He would not get the time of day from her any other way. See letter and hear audio of Ms Ortiz’s psychologist below

Click here to hear October 6, 2016 audio of Dr Russell describing arrest as a stalking escalation

Ms Ortiz maintains stacks of documents showing Senator Perry’s threats to arrange a second false arrest to cover up the last one which appears to have been an attempt to cover up attempted murder , assault and battery causing bodily injury. Ms Ortiz was threatened with death or a false arrest for years. She texted and emailed friends and family long before she filed the police report for which she was arrested. Ms Ortiz told everyone “He’s going to kill me or arrange a false arrest. I wish someone would just make him leave me alone.” And then during the months of October, 2015 through January, 2016 he does appeared to have hired a hit man, Dave Robertson who admitted to poisoning her in texts, (See on this page: TXSenPerry stalking case: Complete Story ) but when she reported it to Tulsa PD, where the incidents occurred and was awaiting a call back from a detective, she was arrested on charges in Lubbock for filing a police report in Tulsa. That police report was never investigated in fact, her arrest caused the permanent loss of crucial evidence. The charges have since been dropped.


Below is an email to Ms Ortiz’s ex husband telling him of Senator Perry’s threats to kill her or arrange a false arrest. She states she’s not done anything to be arrested for, but that he is continuing to threaten her with death or false arrest. He then carried out or attempted to carry out those threats. He again seems to think a second false arrest will vindicate him or cover up all these other assaults on her safety or well being. It will not anymore than the first one did.




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