Admission to Senator Perry’s Deeply Unwanted Contact

Admission that Senator Perry is engaging in unwanted contact:
In dismissal of Ms Ortiz’s charges for filing a false police report conditions of the bond were released within the dismissal verbiage and Ms Ortiz is no longer bound by the conditions of the bond because the case was dismissed. However, it is of note, that the first provision of Ms Ortiz’s bond conditions stated that Senator Charles Perry is never to contact her in any way shape or form. This constitutes an admission by all parties that he has and is engaging in unwanted contact. The dismissal clearly states Ms Ortiz is not. This constitutes an admission by all parties that agreed to the terms of the bond that Senator Perry is stalking and that Ms Ortiz’s complaint had nothing at all whatsoever to do with any political vendetta. Perry has by far greater wealth and power than Ms Ortiz and continues to use it to cause harm to Ms Ortiz and to engage in unwanted contact just as he did prior to her arrest. He never really stopped. Ms Ortiz’s psychologist calls her arrest a stalking escalation and has said in her letter posted here that Ms Ortiz clearly does not want nor intends harm to the Senator. She has clearly made every effort within her power to get away from him and wants him to leave her alone. His name would not have been mentioned at all if it were not known by all parties that the Senator is in fact engaging in unwanted contact. There would be no point. Ms Ortiz would really really like it if he’d stop all contact as was agreed by all parties. She wants nothing to do with Senator Perry and never will. He seems to not be able to grasp that concept and simply cease all contact. He continues to stalk, harass, threaten, and interfere in every part of her life just as he did prior to her arrest. It is the reason she’s sought court protection.
Below are court documents including the bond conditions stating Perry is to cease all contact with Ortiz which constitutes an admission that Ms Ortiz’s complaint to police had nothing at all to do with a political vendetta and an acknowledgment on the part of all parties that he’d been engaging in unwanted contact. There is a reason its there. All parties agreed to the conditions in the bond. Also below is the court order dismissing all charges against Ms Ortiz.

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