Reckless Endangerment And The Bill of Rights

Whether Ms Ortiz’s arrest, which interfered with a complete and thorough police investigation was intentional or gross negligence remains to be determined. The man stating he worked for the Senator admitted to poisoning Ms Ortiz and sexual assault. It is clear foul play was intended but not successful. As such, the Senator had Ms Ortiz arrested before an investigation could commence, and arrested for reporting this apparent assault, battery and what appears to be attempted murder. If he was not involved, you’d think he’d want a complete and thorough investigation if for no other reason to find out who would do such a thing using his name. You’d think he’d want that nipped in the bud once and for all and to ensure justice was executed. But that’s not what happened. Instead he appears to have done everything within his power to prevent a complete and thorough investigation. So, in the aftermath of the dismissal of the charges against a stalking victim for going to police for help, for “filing a false police report in retaliation for doing his job” it remains to be seen as to whether or not the Senator was in fact obstructing justice or was the “oversight” in preventing Ms Ortiz from receiving a forensic pathologists inspection of her blood followed by the implementation of standard protocol into determining how that poison got to her, the process of delivery, establishing means, motive and opportunity and determining whether or not, as Ms Ortiz was told, Senator Perry ordered the poisoning and whether or not his intent was just to cause bodily injury or murder, just sloppy work on the part of Texas law enforcement. Tulsa law enforcement who actually had the jurisdiction to investigate Ms Ortiz’s complaint as the crime occurred in Tulsa, never even got a shot at investigating. Ms Ortiz was arrested before they could. Much of the evidence destroyed by time lapse. It is without question, reckless endangerment. Ms Ortiz has the 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection. On this celebration of Independence Day, where we celebrate the men and women who shed blood so she could and we all can enjoy the rights afforded us in the Constitution, know that these rights, at times are in danger. Government overreach exists presently. Our guess is no other case would be so mishandled, conducted so sloppy, or with such disregard for the law as this was and if Ms Ortiz was a victim of the average “Joe” and not Senator Perry, would the case have been handled much more professionally. Whatever you do, you have to sign your name on your own work product. Sloppy work by the DA in his “oversight” or intentional obstruction of justice, we are not sure. That remains to be seen. Either way, the act constitutes reckless endangerment. And in Perry’s latest threats to have Ms Ortiz arrested again for cyberbullying, again, his intent to keep his mistakes quiet. On this celebration of Independence Day and the signing of the Declaration of Independence allowing us to live in a free country with free speech, the right to live without harassment and threats is indeed under threat. If he did it to her, he can do it to anyone who crosses him and we believe he has. It is a scary day in America when a victim of a crime can be arrested for reporting that crime and in such a way as to prevent a complete and thorough investigation into the how, who, what, when and where of that crime allowing offenders to reoffend. Ms Ortiz and her family are tired of this man’s intrusion into their lives. They left Texas to get away from it. How amazing that the problem has persisted for so long and resulted in so much catastrophic damage to Ms Ortiz’s life and at what point do those who can put a stop to it. How many others will he be allowed to ruin until someone finally puts a stop to it?

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