The Senator’s Obstruction of Justice

Any time any citizen files a report with police, that citizen has the legal Constitutional right to Equal Protection, Due Process and a complete and thorough investigation. Ms Ortiz filed for a Protective Order in May, 2015 which was denied due to lack of jurisdiction and failure to comply with Oklahoma’s requirement that you file a police report. No evidence was viewed by the judge and no witnesses heard. Ms Ortiz had filed the police report as is required by law, but only had the case number and officer’s name in court which the judge would not accept. Senator Perry then went out to media claiming he was vindicated as if the Protective Order was denied due to lack of merit which of course was not the case.

Click here to view Oklahoma Law Governing Protective Orders

Senator Claims Vindication



Senator Perry then sends Dave Robertson in to her work pretending to be a customer to begin threatening and harassing her. Dave introduces himself to Ms Ortiz by telling her he knows her real name, he knows everything about her, and if she won’t recant her claims that Sen Perry is stalking her, he will “put her in the lake” and asks her if she likes boats. Over the following months, his texts show he continued to assault her even after being asked to stop, says he will not stop, he begins poisoning her, she did become ill and he admits that in his texts. Dave tells Ms Ortiz, “Charles is consumed with the fact that you ruined his facade.” He proceeds to admit interfering in Ms Ortiz’s relationship with another man, and in texts, attempts to lure her out to meet him telling her he cannot promise the stalking will end without death and destruction and tells her to “let her life fade away”. There is no conversation at any time between Dave and Ms Ortiz that have anything at all to do with political issues. Her frustration was not about that nor did she state in these texts or anywhere else that she was frustrated with Perry’s political beliefs. All her tweets, all her facebook posts, all these texts were all about Perry’s stalking. She continues to attempt to reason with Dave to get him to make his boss stop. If Perry was paying this guy to stalk and harass Ms Ortiz for the Senator, I’m sure he lacked motivation to end it. Click the link below to read Dave’s texts to Ms Ortiz in their entirety.

Click here and Scroll down the page to see Dave’s texts in their entirety

Ms Ortiz believed the stalking had escalated to a point that her life was in danger. She and a family member went to Tulsa PD to get some help, the family member to describe Ms Ortiz’s unusual and odd episodes just after drinking what she believed to be drinks spiked with arsenic at her work. She is not sick now. She wasn’t after being arrested either. Only during the months of October, 2015 to January 2016 just after Dave began threatening to kill her for the Senator if she refused to recant her claims did this occur and it only occurred immediately after drinking a drink that she believed was spiked and the symptoms could not be explained any other way. The report references evidence in her possession being Dave’s texts and video evidence from her work. The report was filed on January 12, 2016. She and the family member spoke only to a desk clerk. The desk clerk stated her report would be entered into the computer, a detective assigned and that would then call her to schedule an interview and review her evidence.

What should have then occurred was Ms Ortiz should have then received a call back from a Tulsa Police Department Detective, gone in for an interview, provided the texts between her and Dave where he admits to sexual assault, says he will not stop despite her repeated requests, admits to poisoning her, attempts to lure her out telling her he cannot promise the stalking will end without death and destruction and tells her to “let her life fade away”. She then should have had an inspection of her blood and hair by a forensic pathologist to confirm or rule out the presence of arsenic in her body or determine whether or not what she’d been given was something else entirely. The video evidence should have been obtained and view by detectives showing Dave stalking and harassing her at work so much so that customers complained to the waitress and later Dave was kicked out of the club for multiple reasons.

Police would then need to determine how Dave came in possession of whatever it was he was dosing out to Ms Ortiz, how he delivered it to other men posing as customers and their presence in her work place if that video evidence was available depending on how long they keep that evidence. The police would also need to determine whether or not Dave was in fact working for Senator Perry or if he just saw her story in the news and thought he might use it to get a date with her. They needed to confirm or rule out Senator Perry’s involvement in this assault, battery, and apparent attempted murder. That can be done multiple ways but some would include checking financial records and phone records.

None of these things occurred, however. Instead what occurred is that the Senator, appearing to know Ms Ortiz was poisoned since it appears he ordered it done, instead arranges for Ms Ortiz to be arrested on charges, not in Oklahoma where she lived, but Lubbock where he and the DA have been close friends for many years. He had threatened it for years, she had told friends and family for years that Senator Perry was threatening to kill her or arrange a false arrest. This was known by everyone around her. Ms Ortiz was charged with filing a false police report in retaliation for Charles Perry doing his job, and arrested on January 29, 2016 and whisked away to Lubbock jail. She’d never been arrested for anything before in her life. The indictment states Ms Ortiz made a false claim of being poisoned and names some innocuous tweets as a reason to charge her with a felony crime and yet, Senator Perry never himself demanded a forensic pathologists inspection of her blood and hair to prove his claims. You’d think since he himself alleged her claims were false, he’d want every test done imaginable to prove his claims were true. But that’s is not what he did. He instead blocked the entire process of a complete and thorough investigation as outlined above. That appears to show consciousness of guilt. Dave might otherwise have just been a weirdo in a bar. But because Perry arranged for her to be charged with filing a false police report and in doing so blocked and obstructed a complete and thorough investigation as is required by law, he did in fact implicate himself.



In fact, Ms Ortiz had not even received a call back from a Tulsa Police detective before she was arrested for filing a false police report on January 29, 2016. The detective called while she was already in Lubbock jail on February 15, 2016, weeks after her arrest. It is not possible to get a guilty conviction in a court of law on filing a false police report when there was no investigation into her complaint prior to her arrest.

Click here to see video of Ms Ortiz checking her voice mail left by TPD Det Eagan on February 15, 2016

Ms Ortiz was denied her 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection and Due Process and as a result of the Senator’s actions, she lost crucial evidence to prove her story and her case. The Senator made sure so much time elapsed that there was no poison left in her hair or blood, there was no demand on his part, which you’d think there would be such a demand to prove his side of the story, and the video evidence also was destroyed in the time lapse created, apparently intentionally, by Senator Perry’s actions. Because the normal standard process of the police investigation in the jurisdiction of which the alleged crime occurred was directly interrupted, interfered with, and therefore not allowed to commence as usual, it appears the Senator knew such an investigation would produce evidence that he committed a crime against Ms Ortiz intending to cause her bodily injury and that he therefore obstructed that investigation. This appears to constitute obstruction of justice in our opinion.

As such, Ms Ortiz has been threatened now worse than ever, with death or a second false arrest in order to coerce Ms Ortiz into a lie. She has been told if she will lie for the Senator and be his secret girlfriend he will give her the perfect life. There is no such thing as “a perfect life” with Senator Perry. He continues to tell her she can rot in prison or he will take her to Paris. She continues to say “NO” to both. She will not lie for him nor will she allow him to arrange a second false arrest, nor does she wish to have any relationship with him at all or contact from him at all in any form ever. These were the same threats made against Ms Ortiz prior to her arrest in January 29, 2016 and again. Her son corroborates her claims in his recent affidavit.  It appears Senator Perry attempted to murder Ms Ortiz or at the very least cause significant bodily injury, and then had her arrested to cover it up. A second false arrest would simply be to cover up all of that or coerce and intimidate Ms Ortiz into a lie. He has changed the reasons he would have Ms Ortiz arrested probably 20 times between April, 2016 until now starting from prostitution, he said he would plant drugs on her, he has tried to bait her out on murder for hire, which she continues to denounce any wish or desire to harm the Senator ever in any way and continues to stress her desire to see justice done through the court system not by illegal means, and now cyber bullying. Getting her story to the public does not now nor has that ever constituted cyberbullying. The Senator is simply looking for another way to cover up his moral failures. Both prior to her arrest in January, 2016 or even before she filed the police report for which she was arrested and now, Senator Perry has threatened to kill or arrange a false arrest to silence Ms Ortiz. He simply does not want people knowing he has a stalking problem and yet, he will not just stop stalking. He continues to impose himself and force himself into her life after being asked for four years to cease and desist all forms of contact, direct and indirect. He has continued to taunt, harass, threaten, intimidate, coerce, interfere, impose, stalk, watch, and he has made threats to harm Ms Ortiz and has attempted to or actually carried out his threats as we see was the case with what appears to be attempted murder followed by a false arrest to cover that up. On October 29, 2015, months prior to her even filing the police report for which she was arrested, Ms Ortiz relays his threats to harm her in an email to her ex husband. Sometimes one of the people Perry hires warns her. So as not to disclose that person’s identity and endanger that person, she is vague but mentions someone warning her. Perry then appears to have had Ms Ortiz poisoned intending bodily harm, then has her arrested to cover it up for filing a police report only the police report was never investigated. He carried out his threats. He made the threats, she told people, then he carried them out. He continues to do that to her again.


Her psychologist also states that Ms Ortiz’s arrest was simply a stalking escalation done to force her to pay attention to the Senator. If he had not done something so catastrophic as to attempt to harm her then arrange a false arrest to cover it up, forcing Ms Ortiz to have to deal with the matter in court, Ms Ortiz would give him no thought at all whatsoever. He does this to force himself into her life and on her. She says it makes her feel like being raped every day.

Click here to listen to Ortiz psychologist describe her arrest as Sen Perry’s stalking escalation

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