Suppression of Ms Ortiz’s Story

Facebook and twitter established for Ms Ortiz to be able to undo the severe damage to her reputation. She is exhausted from being constantly threatened and told she’d better plead guilty and have an affair with the Senator or he will kill her or arrange a second false arrest and she is exhausted from having to deal with the slander. It appears Perry has ordered media to suppress her side of this which seems to be a violation of the US Constitution but that has not stopped him before. He did violated her 14th Amendment rights to Equal Protection and Due Process by having her arrested before she was able to talk to local police and caused her the permanent loss of crucial exculpatory evidence. The Constitution does not seem to register with Senator Perry. Below are links to these pages established on behalf of Ms Ortiz. These pages have been hacked and shut down but we’ve thankfully been able to get them back up again.

Facebook Page – Justice4Cyn

Twitter – @Justice4Cyndi

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