The Danger of Living With a Stalker

Its bad enough having a stalker, but when you have a stalker with access to millions of dollars and all kinds of power to really be danger, the situation becomes that much more of a challenge to survive. Ms Ortiz had a man introduce himself to her as Senator Perry’s hitman, tell her, “recant your claims that he is stalking you, or I will put you in the lake. You like boats?” She started getting sick at times after drinking drinks at work. She said, “I would have a man come in claiming to be a customer, they were always from some other state. I’d have to get up to dance on stage or something. I’d come back, take one sip and get an immediate screaming headache and really dizzy so I just politely talked with the guy until he left and discarded the drink. One time, the customer pretending to be nice told me he wanted me to hurry and drink up so I could go make money. He said he didn’t want to keep me and he kept telling me to hurry and drink up. So I did and that time I vomited up my feet. Thankfully, my body rejected their poison. ” When Ms Ortiz confronted Dave, the hit man after googling her symptoms, texting him “Arsenic. Phenol Barbitol?” He texted back, “Yes”. She made up whatever crap she could come up with to survive this. Nobody could have known in advance how her body would react to that poison. It could have just as easily killed her. She’d received death threats from this man. She said, “If you are walking down the street and some guy approaches with a gun, and points it at your head and you have nothing, you come up with something quickly so you don’t end up dead. You look behind him and seem alarmed or you point at something to distract him so you can run. Whatever you can come up with to survive, you do. I did that. I didn’t have choice. I needed them to stop trying to kill me. I tried to reason with him and tell them that I’d attempted a protective order. It was all over the news. If something happened to me, everyone would know Perry did it. That did not work. So I said anything I could say to get Dave on a wild goose chase so he’d be off me….and so I didn’t end up dead.” At best this was assault and battery on Ms Ortiz if not attempted murder….and nobody has made any effort at all to put a stop to this. She lives her life under constant threat every day. Living with a stalker is like living with a gun to your head all the time. Any time a man forces himself into the life of a woman that does not want him, he makes her feel raped,every day, all the time.



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