You Tube Page

Ortiz Recordings on You Tube

This page contains the following:

  1. Voicemail left on Ms Ortiz’s phone by Tulsa PD Detective Liz Eagan on February 15, 2016 advising Ms Ortiz she’d been assigned her case, asking her to come in to provide a statement and evidence. Ms Ortiz was arrested on 1/29/2016  for “Retaliation: Filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant, Senator Charles Perry, for doing his job or conducting his legislative duties. The incidents of stalking and harassment occurred in Tulsa and were reported to TPD. Ms Ortiz was charged, however in Lubbock and had already been arrested before a detective even called her back. Nobody knows how Sen Perry even knew there was a police report filed. Part of the complaint included poisoning. Ms Ortiz was arrested before TPD forensic lab could have tested her to confirm or rule out the presence of arsenic in her blood. You’d think Perry would have wanted such a test if for no other reason, to substantiate his claims that she was not being poisoned. His actions interfered, however, with testing that, if results were negative, would have supported his claims. Instead, his actions tend to point to the fact that he knew she was being poisoned, probably at his orders, and he wanted that evidence destroyed so he had her arrested before she could be tested resulting in the permanent loss of exculpatory evidence.
  2. Audio of Ms Ortiz’s psychologist (the woman has a doctorate in psychology and has seen Ms Ortiz regularly since April, 2016) telling Ms Ortiz Perry’s actions are intended to harm her, to get a reaction and her arrest part of his stalking to force her to have to deal with him. If it were not for Perry causing so much catastrophic loss and legal issues to deal with, Ms Ortiz wouldn’t give him a second thought.
  3. Threats of more work place harassment made to Ortiz by Senator Perry on May 22, 2017. Ms Ortiz has documented a repeated pattern and long history of Senator Perry harassing her at work in fact, that is where hit man, Dave Robertson, came to harass, threaten and appears to have tried to kill her for the Senator. Robertson told Ms Ortiz Senator Perry was consumed with the fact that she ruined his facade and wanted her to recant her claims that he is stalking her or he would “put her in the lake”. Texts show ms Ortiz continually trying to reason with him to get them to stop harassing and stalking her, Dave admits to poisoning and assaulting her, and there is NO conversation about Senator Perry’s Politics at all whatsoever these texted conversations between the two that took place between October, 2015 and January 2016 just days before her arrest.


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